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Question:  Does your Liquid V Power MVN come with a USP symbol on its bottle (United States Pharmacopoeia)? This looks like a great product. Symbol validates contents of product. Also, is your Goji grown in the U.S? Does Goji organic 100% juice go through heat pasteurization? Very interested in your products. Please e-mail some scientific research your company conducts for it’s formulations. There’s not a whole lot of information on history of company and the science behind it. Looking forward to your response.—— Big D.

Answer:  Dennis,

Thank you for your inquiry

1. About USP: Please read this post of mine

2. Our goji berries are not grown in the USA. As of this moment there are no viable sources of goji berries in the US.

3. All of our juices are “flash pasteurized”, never heat pasteurized. (Related Posts on Heat and Flash Pasteurization)

4. Our company has been in continuous operation/business for ten years now. We were also one of the first companies to sell noni juice (Totally Nude Noni), goji berries, mangosteen juice (Mangosteen Elixir), freeze dried acai powder (Absolute Acai Powder) and acai juice (Acai Max). We WERE the first to sell a goji camu-camu blend (Goji Fusion) and our Almost Nude Noni formulation.

5. Research: I have not submitted any of our products for scientific research. The individual ingredients chosen to go into the formulas are based on research already done, on the individual nutrients, herbs, minerals…. I wish we had a few extra millions lying around to pay for a research project on just one of our products, but we don’t. What specifically were you looking for and maybe I can help.

Let me know if you have any additional questions. I hope this helps.


Marcus Ettinger DC, BSc

Response Back:  Dr. E, thanks for the response and links. I’ve read everything on CAOH website and did some further investigating of my own and you are absolutely dead on about the USP certification. Both my best friend and his wife are Chiropractors, and even the products they use and promote are “unregulated”.  The BBB and Yahoo confirm that this is a trustworthy company that sells top shelf products. Just ordered everything on your daily intake minus the lecithin and omegas’. Would have ordered them as well but already on that regimen. Thanks again for the reply.
Dennis S

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