ORAC – Analysis – Flash Pasteurization


Here you go. If you have additional questions please feel free to e-mail me.

1. What are the respective ORAC values of each juice you products.


2. What lab do you use for testing and do you have any reproducible letters from this lab to show potential customers?

All of our testing is done by the contract laboratory we use to produce are proprietary therapy juices. All of the certificates of analysis have our formulas/recipes on them and all of the ingredients. It would be impossible for me to block out the ingredients and formula and still present a viable document. Up coming GMP standards require us to have a C.A. for each batch we do. All of our juices are presently going through the steps to receive USDA organic certification. This should be complete within, I hope, the next 60-90 days.

Absolute goji, Naked Noni, Almost Naked Noni, and Acai Max are organic certified now.

3. What is flash pasteurization and does it degrade some of the active compounds in the juices?

Flash pasteurization is a “mandatory process.” We can not sell raw juice. so F.P. is the least invasive method of preservation and I feel confident that it posses a negligible harmful effect to the juice.

Sincerely,Marcus Ettinger DC, BSc.


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