Organic sea buckthorn oil better when combined with other foods and oils

100% Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil

Question: Hello Dr, and thank you for the opportunity to ask you health questions regarding caoh’s products. I have been trying to ascertain if I should take this your sea buckthorn oil on an empty stomach. I had called and asked someone who answered the phone, and she said she takes it on an empty stomach, but I got the feeling that she wasn’t sure which was best either (empty vs. with food) so I wanted to ask you what you think.

Thank you!


Answer:  James,

Since sea buckthorn oil it is a food, it will digest better when combined with other foods. Also, this particular oil will be more effective if combined with a complete spectrum of essential fatty acids, like our Ultra Omega 3-6-9 (2 per day).

What are you looking at handling and maybe I can make a better recommendation.


Marcus Ettinger, BSc, DC

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