How does your Absolute Mangosteen compares to Xango’s mangosteen juice?

Question: Hi,

Can you tell me how your Absolute Mangosteen compares to Xango’s mangosteen juice re: effectiveness.  I have taken Xango’s for many years but it is very expensive, so I am shopping for something new.  I have fibromyalgia, pre-diabetes & hypothyroidism.

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Answer: Susie,

Mangosteen Elixir may be better for you. After 22 years of practice , I will have to say that, there is more going on within you then this or any other single product will handle. There is help though (see below).

This link will take you to all the posts I’ve written that relate to Xango:
This post may be the most specific to your question, but please go through all of them (above):

If you really want the Rolls Royce treatment, I offer a distance patient program where I can will help you with the (fibromyalgia, pre-diabetes & hypothyroidism). These conditions are not hard to treat, we just need to pinpoint the underlying deficiencies or excesses. If you want help to design a customized program that will get you back to where you were when you were at your best, I’m here to help. Follow this link for more information:

To Dr. Ettinger,

Almost two years ago I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus (EBV). My energy level was extremely low and I had lost interest in doing the things I had previously enjoyed, as well as everyday necessary work. I discontinued my volunteer work at my church and my country western dancing. I had to literally drag myself to the gym to curb my increasing weight.

Today I am back dancing. In fact, I am taking another type of dance class weekly. I am scheduled to resume my volunteer work and have plans to start a new outdoor hobby. My workouts at the gym have returned to being fun, re-energizing and feeling positive and healthy.

My outlook on life, myself and my future have changed so dramatically I can’t believe it’s me. It’s like I found the old me again and I am certain I can attribute all this to you and your guidance.

Huntington Beach


Marcus Ettinger BSc, DC

I Need The Iodine Content Of 2 Juices

Question: What is the amount of iodine in your Mangosteen Elixir and Acai Max juice products?

Please email me.

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Answer: Lisa,

I really couldn’t say, because if it is there, it’s in extremely tiny amounts. That same question would be analogous to asking: How much iodine is in a carrot, potato, bread or an apple…. Seafood and table salt are going be your richest sources of iodine, everything else will be negligible at best.

Can I ask the reason for the inquiry?


Marcus Ettinger DC, BSc.

Response: Thank you so much for your help.  You are the first person, of many I have contacted, to ask why I ask this question.

My husband, and other thyroid cancer suffers have to go on a low-iodine diet to prepare for scans and treatment with radioactivity attached to iodine molecules.  This is a way of life for them.  It involves cooking with whole foods, and fresh foods and eliminates all dairy, commericial breads, egg yolks, etc.

It would be a great help if manufacturers were as considerate as you.  Thank you for your help.

L. Payne

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Thyroid Condition Since 2003

Good Afternoon,

Thanks for the offering this forum so I can ask about thyroid conditions.

I have had a thyroid condition since 2003, I just turned 48 and though I’ve been on medication since my doctor discovered my problem, I cannot get my thyroid regulated. As a result I have gained almost 30 pounds. I feel bad most of the time and I just don’t have energy like I used.

I am currently taking 120 mg of Armor thyroid medication and wondered if there is a healthy alternative to taking pharmaceutical medications. I know that it can be dangerous to mess with this condition, but I would like to see what I can do as I fluctuate between 90 mg to 120 mg then back and forth between the two doses.

Any feedback that you can offer, good or bad, will be greatly appreciated.

I look forward to hearing from you

Enjoy your evening!

Kind regards,
Cathy Neal


Armour is very safe as far as I am concerned. Your TSH should fluctuate between .5 and 3.0. Any higher and the thyroid is considered low (in my book). Selenium is needed for conversion of T4 into T3 and exercise is also important. Peter D’Adamo’s book, “Eat Right for Your Type” might help and here is my food list, it may also help.

You may also want to try our Liquid Power.


Marcus Ettinger DC, BSc.

Hello Dr. E,

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer me. I appreciate the food list as well! I shall do some grocery shopping and get some of the items from the list.

I have begun some exercise lately which is making me feel so much better. I will also look into the Selenium and Liquid Power.

I’m trying very hard to change my eating habits, but they are just that…habits!!! I’ve unfortunately picked up some bad ones over the past few years.

Positive thinking will help me move in the right direction.

Thanks again and enjoy your afternoon.

A grateful customer,

Role of iodine in evolution and carcinogenesis of thyroid, breast and stomach.

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The authors have hypothesized that dietary iodine (deficiency or excess) is associated with the development of some gastric and mammary cancers, as it is well-known for thyroid cancer. They report a short review of their own work and of the general literature on this correlation and on the antioxidant function of iodide in stomach, breast and thyroid. Thyroid cells phylogenetically derived from primitive iodide-concentrating gastroenteric cells which, during evolution, migrated and specialized in uptake and storage of iodine, also in order to adapt the organisms from iodine-rich sea to iodine-deficient land. Mammary cells also derived from primitive iodide-concentrating ectoderm. Stomach, breast and thyroid share an important iodide-concentrating ability and an efficient peroxidase activity, which transfers electrons from iodides to the oxygen of hydrogen peroxide and so protects the cells from damage caused by lipid peroxidation. The authors suggest that iodide might have an ancestral antioxidant function in all iodide-concentrating cells from primitive Algae to more recent Vertebrates. In Italy, gastric cancer is more frequent in farmers and in iodine-deficient populations, living in mountainous and hilly areas, than in fishermen. In the last two decades, Italian decrease of gastric cancer seems to be correlated more to the higher dietary consumption of iodine-rich fish rather than to consumption of fruit and vegetables, which indeed has decreased in Italy.

Venturi S, Donati FM, Venturi A, Venturi M, Grossi L, Guidi A.
Adv Clin Path. 2000 Jan;4(1):11-7.
Servizio di Igiene, Regione Marche, 1-61016-Pennabilli, Italy.

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